Friday, December 7, 2012

9 Things-December

HELLO! Hope you are well. I am 5 days away from starting my Christmas vacation!! I am happy to be employed, but figuring out this new role makes me very tired. I don't do much else during the week......but luckily there are the weekends. So a long Christmas break sounds great!

1) le Rey had some time off the past couple weeks and it was so nice to see him relaxed and not stressed!! We got a Christmas tree, finally got around to buying a TV, and the flat was cleaned thoroughly! 

2) It snowed Wednesday! I was so surprised when I opened to the door to go to work! It melted pretty quickly, but it was still an exciting day at school.

3) le Rey and I took a short money course (similar to Dave Ramsay's ideas if you've read his books) just to acquire some useful techniques for budgeting. I had read Ramsay's books, but this mini-course helped us actually start. Jar with money for weekly grocery shopping? Check. Let's do this.

4) I am getting my hair colored tomorrow. Darker for the winter. Yes, we've started a budget...but I'm not giving that up : ) And yes that's boring and I'm writing it on my blog. But I'm really excited about it. And it's Friday night and I'm super tired.

5) The older I get, the more I seem to want to be silly. Is the same for anyone else? le Rey and I are like 2 small children, cracking up at the stupidest things. One of my favorite things about having older students this year is the banter, the conversations and the laughs. I do love to laugh!!

6) I was sick for nearly all of November (sinus infection) and am so happy to be feeling better now. My goal is to get to an ENT Dr. over the break. Hope you're all feeling well.

7) My only goal for Christmas is to mail out a card printed with wedding photos (I can't believe I haven't printed any yet!)....hopefully no one will mind and we can go with the 'better late than never' thing?

8) I miss everyone, especially around the holidays (not to mention my tan!), but I am quite content here. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

9) Alright that's about it.....I'm watching Scrooged and getting distracted now (gotta love Bill Murray).

Hope you're laughing often!

Kelli xx