About me

Playful, passionate, hopeful, honest, anxious, romantic at heart, reflective.

I was given one of the greatest gifts in the world: a stable and nurturing childhood from my loving, competent parents.  Loved unconditionally, I was able to grow into a confident and assertive woman that is happy to be ME! Faults and all, why pretend to be something you're not? Gotta be yourself!

As I've seen in my teaching career, childhood will shape the rest of your life! I have felt a strong sense of urgency in the past couple years to make the most of this GIFT I was given.......I hope to positively support my students and add to the lives of others around me, as others do for me on a daily basis.

I feel quite excited to be living my life with more purpose and intention than ever before.  I describe it as living like my pants were lit on fire! The famous quote "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" seems to tug at me more and more.  Am I making the most out of my life? Am I cherishing each day? Do I take my loved ones and experiences for granted?  Am I grateful for my health, wisdom and freedom?

Whoa. A bit heavy. Anyway...........I have put this blog together because I have many exciting things coming up and I need one place to put everything!! I will link up my new teacher blog that highlights my teaching resources, my wedding website to keep everyone informed on that project, and any and all newfound knowledge on things DIY, music, health, etc.

Can you believe I will finally be Mrs. G after 6 years, 3 deployments and countless miles of flying between America, England, South Africa and Australia? Perhaps there is something to the theory "good things come to those who wait". Looking back, I can see now that the reward truly is the journey.

God bless,
K xx

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  1. Love your new blog! Your life is so adventurous and entirely unique that I was hoping you would end up sharing your story! Looking forward to following along.

    - Sarah