Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hello friends and family,
Been awhile-auggg! what happened to doing this once a month at least??

First, have you heard this version of The Lumineers song Ho Hey?? Melt. (click on picture)

Here's the latest & greatest:
1) My job has been extended to the rest of the year and then I will continue in September! The teacher I was covering has found a school closer to where she lives! Funny how I couldn't imagine leaving my kids at Easter and now I won't be : )  Added bonus of getting paid throughout the summer has been a wonderful provision from God. ~grateful~

2) le Rey and I decided it would be best if he was not working 75+ hours a week, getting up at crazy o'clock in the morning and spending lots of money on transport for a job he hated and gave him no time to study. He is now studying full-time for his electrician certificate and life is all quite sweet.

3) Over Easter we went to visit le Rey's family in South Africa. The majority of the trip was in Capetown-my first time there. Stunning.

4) Last week I went on my second-ever residential (like a camp/field trip). This one was 5 days, with our 10 & 11 yr olds (myself and another teacher), to Dorest. It was an amazing part of the country that I'd never been to before and we had SUCH GOOD WEATHER! The kids had a great time (fossil hunting, forest orienteering, trip to farm, river studies, etc), although I haven't been that exhausted maybe ever.

5)Schools over here go into July, but lucky for me I had a pre-arranged vacation to the States (Illinois to see family and Florida to a beach condo!) from late May to mid June before the school asked me to finish out the school year. Fortunately one of the weeks falls over a half term holiday here (1 week)...just need to get my cover plans together. CAN'T WAIT! 

Hope you are doing well!
Kelli xx