LG had leave from the army and came to Arizona for 3 weeks. He left 2 nights ago and it's a bit sad.  I'm used to the time apart, and anyone that knows me can confirm that I am very independent and do lots of things on my own.  But after 3 weeks together every day, having my best friend around felt quite natural and I felt whole again.

It's quite hard being sortof ripped apart again.         

But it gets easier, and I've started back to work again which is very necessary.  I'm looking for a lot more balance in my life these days.  I think I've had enough of lots of time off at once, or too much going on at once.  I already have the tendency to be a workaholic, so I am trying to be vigilant when I start leaning too much that way.......but at the same time I don't want to be too unproductive either (which one has to be mindful ofwhen they are a substitute teacher and work is not always steady).

So my past 3 weeks:
LG came right at the time when we were putting on the BIG, GIANT teaching supplies sale.

I don't know what to say about this honestly.

Let's say this: my mom had way more teaching resources (wonderful, helpful, great resources) than I anticipated.  I wish I would have set it up better and advertised more. 

But we did get teaching supplies into the hands of others, and ultimately, into the hands of children.

One of my teacher buddies who came to help-yay!
 But then we still had all this left over.

very sour look on face-yikes
OK. Enough of that.

The rest of our time was filled with feeding le Rey yummy home cooked meals, sessions at the gym (including 4 yoga classes....he secretly likes it I think!)......lots of snuggling, a bit of wedding talk, a few hikes, lovely couple days at the Biltmore Hotel thanks to some thoughtful friends, yadda yadda was great. 

He really adores me and I love that.  He is such a sweet, gentle soul (must be an entirely different person on those deployments!) and I like the way he listens to me and supports me.  We discuss educational issues, quote movies, make funny faces, pray together, hug as often as we can, and essentially cherish every second we have together.

I am still shocked I found him. On a backpacking trip.  In Europe.

We hope to get my spousal visa in the next couple months so I can join him in England soon!


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