Thursday, July 25, 2013

My dear friend, Summer

Oh how I love summer break!

All the things I get to do that do not involve grading papers and writing reports!!

I think people must wonder what exactly I do for my long summer breaks off from work? 

It is pure joy people. Especially in a city that has average weather in the 70s and 80s!!

1. Museums

le Rey had a couple days off last week and we went to a few museums. I don't know what it is about museums, but I do enjoy going. I don't read a quarter of the information they have, but I enjoy wandering.

2. Parks

le Rey and I took a picnic to Hampstead Heath and had an amazing day walking, reading and relaxing. I have to admit that I picked this place because I've seen it in several movies-ha! I love British films!

3. Cooking 

Technically le Rey made the dish in that picture, but I really have been cooking! Homemade pizza (including the dough!) zucchini bread, etc. During hectic times in the school year we live on toast sometimes. You wouldn't believe all the things I've discovered can be put on toast!

4. Bible study
With more time, I'm able to read much more and I meet up with a lovely woman on Thursday nights to do a Bible study & book study. We're reading God's Big Picture and it's a fantastic book about understanding the Bible better. 

 5. Fitness

It's nice to have the energy to go to the gym. Let's hope I can make it a habit again!

6. Anything!!

I write letters, work on my teacher resources that I sell, meet up with friends, and watch Happy Endings or New Girl when that's on.

What I have not yet, or maybe only once, is SLEEP IN!!! Must work on that! 

Love you all,

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Almost on school break!

I realize that this blog post is both pictures from my lovely vacation in America recently and yet I'm saying that I'm exhausted and can't wait for school to be out...but it's TRUE!!!

Since I got back from Florida 3 weeks ago, school has been nonstop crazy! I am SOOOOO thankful to our generous friends that let us stay in their condo in Florida. It was the most relaxing holiday I've ever been on. The end. Can't imagine any place topping it.

Hope to also share some photos from the [controversial] play our school did last week (The Dracula Rock Show)...glad it's over.

More later after school finishes this week.

Love you all,

 With family in Illinois: