Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kelli, the housewife

Hello Friends and Family!

I thought it was time for an update. Except I don't feel like there's much to update you with. Oh wait. I have a new profession now!

My new job since I the stupid teaching agency is messing up all my paperwork and making me redo my background check and think of me as an unqualified-nothing-teacher is now HOUSEWIFE/CHEF.


Yes. Currently, I have given myself the new title of Housewife. Maybe I didn't need to put chef separately....perhaps this goes hand and hand? I don't know because I haven't watched I Love Lucy (before she had Little Ricky) recently, so I will have figure this all out.


OK, there is a bit of a disdainful tone resonating here, but really I am getting more used to throwing away my teaching career taking care of le Rey.

Don't get the wrong idea. He is very capable and could do it all himself. The man moved from South Africa to England at the age of 18 (wow!) and worked and lived in a flat/apartment with flatmates and had to sort out bills, cooking, laundry, etc (before army days).

I am a lucky girl.

Guess who does the ironing (here's a hint, it's not me)

Hold on! To be fair, can I mention he irons his clothes, not mine. I don't buy clothes that have to be ironed. 

OK, where was I? Oh yes, taking a minute away from my washing and sweeping to write a quick blog post to you all. Let me take off my apron and sit for a couple minutes and finish this.

This is a little out of order, so let me back up. I am seen as an UNQUALIFIED teacher in this country as I mentioned in my last post because I'm an overseas teacher.......yadda yadda yadda, didn't get QTS within 4 years, yadda yadda, would have to go back to school here ($$$), yadda yadda, a teaching agency called me back yesterday to say I couldn't work AT ALL with them as a substitute teacher since I don't have the QTS.

But I could work as a substitute teaching assistant for 50 pounds less a day (no degree required).

Hello punch in the stomach.

There is another teaching agency (the one I worked for when I lived here before).........but they are proving to be less than competent (different employees from the last time I lived here) and have messed up my paperwork, taking forever with other paperwork...........basically making me feel like they perhaps also don't want an overseas teacher.

So. Back to my new job.

I am taking the cooking thing very seriously.


Since le Rey first started in the army, I've been looking forward to cooking for him someday.  I felt like he skipped meals in the army, didn't always have the most nutritious meals, etc.

And the food from the deployments.

Fuggedabout it.  I remember him mentioning ration packs with chips and soda.  Whaaaa?

He always came back from those deployments soooooo thin.

So would you like to know what I've been  making? (if you're wondering if this is my first time cooking or something, it is not. But I am making his lunches and dinners which is more than I have done in the past. I usually just made a salad, sandwich or casserole here and there for myself)

Disclaimer: this photos are from the web, and not necessarily the exact recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese with sauce from scratch

Buffalo Chicken Salad and Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Roast Chicken with vegetables

Ugg! Blogger doesn't want to save these pictures!
Salmon with squash and potatoes

 Egg, bacon and potatoes in pita pocket
Chicken tortilla soup
Tuna pasta bake


There's also egg salad sandwiches, wraps, etc also. Please fill me in on any of your favorites! I look around on Pinterest, etc. and have cookbooks. But I'd love to hear your favorites!

With this extra time, I've also been enjoying Wednesday morning Bible studies with a small group of ladies (love) and sorting out last minute things for our wedding celebration. I now have a bath every morning (not something I've had time for in the this tmi?) and I also go to the gym and of course cook.

I'm not gonna lie.

I could improve my time management skills (or maybe you gathered that from reading the above list).  There are so many other things I should be getting done during the day because let's get real. There will be an expiry date on this hang out at home and make le Rey's food thing. We do not have a money tree in our backyard or anything.

So I am learning to enjoy it for now.

Love you all,

this is not exactly what I look like

right now because I need to get my hair
colored and England sucked the tan
right out of me, so let's pretend!

gorgeous day at the park