Monday, March 5, 2012

3 weeks in....

I have had a very nice couple days friends!! As seen in my last post, I was a bit overwhelmed with the move back to here and getting settled in.

Thursday the sky was BLUE with sunshine!!! I was mesmerized! And it wasn't so cold : ) I went and registered with my former teaching agency and saw that across the street is a new Jamie Oliver restaurant!!! I wonder how often he goes by there, if ever? I told le Rey we have to eat there sometime!! And I saw in the window some very nice canisters that I want (I'm obsessed with canisters right now).


Then my lovely husband (still feels funny to say that word!) called me to ask if he could pick anything up from the store that he stumbled across on his way home from work (we're still getting to know the area and where all the shops are)........what a sweetie and he came home with all kinds of baking supplies for me as I said I wanted some flour and sugar to bake some cookies.........yum yum can't wait to make my pumpkin-oatmeal-cranberry-walnut cookies!!

Anyway, yesterday le Rey got off work early which was a nice surprise--so we got a lot done! I have now joined his bank account and we booked our wedding venue!!!  It was a gorgeous walk from our flat here in Wimbledon, at a place called Cannizaro House.