Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can you believe I'm finally leaving???!!

Well, I am moving to England join le Rey. to really try this husband and wife thing.for reals. I will not believe it until he picks me up from the airport!!!! I really can't believe it!

I am feeling a mix of many emotions. I am having a very hard time leaving friends, family and sunshine......more than I thought I would be. Maybe because it's a bit more permanent this time.

le Rey has always said he would live here if I want, so I will remember that when I go to the airport tomorrow.

I like to trick myself any way I can so I that I don't do the ugly cry and get super emotional.

So far, my goodbyes have not been too bad. I told le Rey that I think the secret to this is to never say goodbye at the AIRPORT! This makes it all very real and final and not great.

So my advice: avoid the airport goodbyes if you can.

I had a great blog post in my head yesterday, all ready and witty....but now it's so late and I must get to bed...........but I had to do a goodbye post because then my next post will be something like "I'm in England with my husband!" so gotta do this now.

I have learned so much in the past 13 months of living back in Arizona again: finished the Masters degree, got deeper into my business, went to yoga with my sister a lot, enjoyed hiking, got valuable time with friends and family, had interesting teaching jobs and most of all.......learned how to gain (a little bit) more patience in many aspects of my life.

If I didn't know it before, I know now to strive to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. I am trying not to worry about the future, although living in Sun City with retired people has made me look that direction way too much!  The older I get, the more I realize the power of being truly happy yourself, and then you can navigate nearly everything.

So here's to living in the moment and enjoying life! I am humbled by all of you-your kindness, friendship, thoughts, prayers, time, I could go on and on! I truly cherish your part in my journey of life.....and I look forward to you coming along with me on this next chapter!

I will miss you all so much.....
Love you!!

Just a word of warning: I'm in a lot of these photos......or maybe all of them. Seemed sortof vain. Whatevs. It's a goodbye post.

the freakin' visa!!!

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  1. Good luck on the next chapter! Now that it's happening it seemed to happen so fast! Your poor parents' hearts are probably breaking just a little, while at the same time filling with joy for the happiness you are pursuing. Enjoy every moment and just remember that life always takes twists and turns and nothing is ever permanent. Congratulations!