Thursday, August 30, 2012

August: 6 Things

Hello! Hope you're doing well! Can you believe August is nearly over? Here's where I'm at:

1) I got my keys to the classroom Monday! I am soooo excited to get into this school year! I have not had a class, a challenging curriculum, or a routine in a LONG time!

Get this-first up in my History curriculum is World War 2! Like I said, challenging curriculum (or I should say vastly different than the type of history I've taught in the past......."This is George Washington, our first president. Can you say his name?")

2) These treats at Costco.

Mini brownies and mini cinnamon rolls. So I keep buying these and putting them in the freezer for "guests" but I'm sure you can figure out what happens.......holy crap I can't stop!!!

3) Summer.

Today I went to the Paralymics Wheelchair Basketball. Great atmosphere, great athletes.

A friend and I went to Hyde Park during the Olympics (concerts, food, games) and the band Temper Trap performed while we were there!!! This band sings my favorite song of the past couple years, Sweet Disposition!

A couple weeks ago I also went with some friends to see Singing in the Rain in the open air cinema at Hampton Court Palace. We brought our food and wine and had such nice time! We're thinking about going to the open-air cinema at Kew Gardens in a couple weeks when Grease plays there...

The trips to Paris were great and of course spending time with le Rey always makes me happy. 

4) People walking while texting/reading text. Be warned. I will hurt you.

At the moment, nothing is more irritating to me than people that have their head up their ass looking down at their phone as they're walking. Remember that I'm in London, and I walk everywhere.

I have a new strategy now. If I see someone coming at me (crowded streets by the way), and they are wrapped up in their stupid phone......I don't get out of their way anymore. We now bump into each other. Sometimes very hard, sometimes not so hard. Sometimes I will just yell "Get off your phone!" 

Yup. I really do.

To further my rant, can I just say how much I hate all of this phone stuff? I see people out together for a coffee, each texting, etc instead of conversing. I see moms with small children in a park, not paying attention to them at all because they're in their phone. 

Has no one told them? We don't actually hang on your every word, waiting for the latest tweet, status update, picture etc!! Just be in the moment and do that stuff later. At home. When there's no humans around. I mean really, it can't wait?

That's all. Sorry for the dramatics.

5) Upcycling stuff for the flat.

le Rey and I love taking stuff and making it into new stuff. Does that make sense? We like it because it's creative, thrifty, good for the earth (1 less thing in the landfill right?) and we can put our personal stamp on it. We also like to buy things that are meant for other things and use them in a different way.

I think some people think we're crazy for caring so much about our flat (painting, furniture, shelves, etc) since it is temporary, but I think 
a) this flat is so small, that if we don't downsize & make sure everything has a place from the beginning......this place is going to be a mess.
b) life is too short to make a house into a home "someday". What are you waiting for? le Rey and I are definitely on a tight budget, but there's lots of ways to make a home without much money. More pictures to come ..........

6) Phoenix in October?

I have a 2 week fall break from school in late October. It's looking very likely that I will be home in Phoenix for a visit (hopefully le Rey too, if he gets that off work)!!!!

I'm ready to hike! Pumpkin Spice Lattes anyone?

That's all for now--

Love you all!


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  1. I think you should put AZ off 'til Dec b/c I'll be there then! LOL! Love Hyde Park, one of my faves of London. And i love watching you two build your life (and flat) together! Yay for you! Also, completely agree with the phone and texting and no true socialization for a lot of people anymore!