Sunday, May 20, 2012


Uggg!! I wrote this loooong post about the past 2 weeks, and it would not publish and then I lost all of it!! I am not writing it again so I will put up some pictures and say that I have started substitute work as a teaching assistant until my Qualified Teacher letter comes and that it is not likely that I will get a job for September.

As I've wrapped my brain around this, I've changed my outlook of what my life will look like in September.  Instead of working full-time, I'm excited at the prospect of subbing, working on resources for my everydayPORTFOLIOS business, and exploring this role of wife in our first year of marriage. And I plan on trying more recipes, DIY, and photo ideas from Pinterest (can't complain about that!).

I am very unsure of the direction and purpose of my life, and am not sure why I came here instead of having le Rey join me in Arizona. But I'm sure the reason will reveal itself over time, as I'm positive that le Rey and I are meant to be in England at this time. It is not easy, but then again, when have I every picked 'easy'?

Love you all,

a game of cricket at the park

my street! love my walks home (when it's not raining)


  1. Everything in time. You have an abundance of patience, my friend!

  2. foot in front of the other, right?