Friday, June 1, 2012

May summary

Hello family and friends!!!

Although cloudy yesterday and today, last week and all weekend the weather was SUNNY AND WARM!!

My mood improves dramatically over here when this happens. Sunday afternoon le Rey and I went with our friend Toni to a pub and sat in the garden having some drinks and appetizers.all

I got to wear shorts and a tank top.

If the whole summer could be like that I would be so grateful.

I have decided to celebrate with a shop in London (that will remain nameless because I am far too old to be shopping there....take your guesses) and get myself some new tank tops. 

This is not wise because basically warm clothes are need for about 10 months out of the year here, but hey.

Moving on.....did you know that it's the Diamond Jubilee this weekend? 60 years of reigning as the Queen. 

Red, white, and blue bunting or Union flag bunting or Union flag suitcases or cups or WHATEVER is everywhere.

I don't know if I'm going to do anything for the festivities.......I may wander upon some street parties or whatevs. I care more about the weather and getting my white legs back to their normal color of TAN. That would make me most happy this weekend.

On the job front, I took a very big risk and applied for a job that is very much out of my comfort zone. The reward is greater than the risk, so I went for it. The outcome looks good, but I will explain more when all is finalized.....stay tuned : )

Yesterday le Rey had the day off. It was great to have more time together.

One of the things we did was go through a LOT of his clothes/things. He had clothes that were too small, stained, old, hadn't been worn in forever. We made it a lot of fun, and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures:

Really le Rey, where did you think you were going to wear that SPERM shirt?

Tears for a favorite South Africa top that was stained and missing buttons.

I don't have a picture of everything we're donating, but it's alot!!

Thanks le Rey for letting me put up these photos (don't know if I specifically asked you but....)

I still have mixed emotions about being here as I miss friends and family and yoga at LA Fitness on  83rd and Union Hills and laying by the pool with my sis and meeting my girls for coffee, but I'll try and stay in the present and enjoy everything now. 

Life with my dear husband is great. He treats me like princess--I am so loved and adored. We're loving every second of our life together!



  1. I hope things work out in your favor on the job front. The Jubilee should be fun, but I can understand wanting to soak up the sun. I think I took it for granted growing up in Phx! When we moved to Germany, I was so upset about the weather being crappy ALL.THE.TIME. And when I had lived in AZ, I loved rainy days (because they were few and far between I guess!) You just don't realize how the weather effects your mood and health and fitness 'til you live in the rain! Now I have lived in a sunnier environment for almost 6 years and I'm still super white! But there are many things to enjoy aside from the weather and you'll do that, I'm sure! As for missing the fam and friends, don't you just wish you could take them with you!? I miss a lot around 83rd and Union The Good Egg (we have very few good breakfast places), Massage Haven (again, very few good massage places here), and...Oh's one of the turn off areas for my brother's house! My family! :) Hugs from afar! Glad you're blogging!

  2. Thanks Anna.....I totally agree with the weather thing! I completely take the sunny and warm weather in AZ for granted, and am stunned at how much I actually do rely on this type of weather! I also LOVE rainy weather in Phx (since it's rare) and LOVE sunny and hot weather here (rare).

    After seeing your recent posts, it reminds me that Colorado looks like an amazing place to's so hard for me to commit to 1 place!

    How is motherhood x2??!

    Miss ya!

  3. Hey Kelli,
    Sounds like you're doing well over there...and I know what you mean about the weather helping lift your mood! The first winter I was here, it was cloudy for like 6 weeks and I had some major depression! But, you'll get used to it! Savor the warm moments and beautiful days!

    I also get it about missing friends and old routines. Have you used meetup at all? I have found a handful of great girls on a meetup group on this website (! Check it out if you haven't. You're bound to find more people who want to have coffee and just find friends!

    Thinking of you! Keep blogging....I love reading it!