Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye British Army!!

2006-a wedding for one of his friends-
wow is my hair dark!

Today was my sweet le Rey's last working day with the British Army! He is officially out in a month, but during the next 4 weeks he is granted time to "transition" into civilian life. He said today is the day he's been waiting for because he doesn't have any more duties and can start sorting out the next chapter (our chapter!).  I so wish I was there to celebrate with him, but we are still organzing my visa paperwork. It's ok. After 3 deployments, and 3 safe returns, I won't complain about small stuff like that. 

As you may know, I have been waiting for basically as long as I've known le Rey for his army days to be over. 

I've been quite open and honest and verbal about this (when have I ever been quiet about anything, right?), but I also want to say (even though le Rey will probably not read this coz he doesn't go on the internet very much and would also probably not like this little post about him, the private guy that he is) that I am immensely proud of le Rey and what he accomplished.

There are many things I admire about his time in the army:
1)It was his dream and he went after it
2)His service during his deployments
3)His commitment and perserverance through all of his trainings, duties, office politics, wear on his body, etc
4)His courage to get out of the army to start a new chapter in his life (with me! no more time apart!)

I feel I have probably talked negatively more often than I talked positively about his career with the army, but I have told him, and will say again that it is amazing that he went after his dream! How many people can say that?! He moved at a young age to another country, found his way, waited (in a hostel for months upon months), made it through basic training & 7 years & deployments and did it well!

I am so thankful that we are finally here. As hard as it has been sometimes, we made the best of it and I can now see the growth in both of us (especially me) in regard to communicating with each other, patience, appreciation and love. What a difficult but rewarding journey it has been to get to this point. Nearly every day I have moments when I think of le Rey and smile. No matter the distance or barriers for us to speak to each other-I have always felt loved.

Goodbye Army! He's mine now!


  1. I know you have been waiting for this day for so long! Love it KP!

  2. It is really happening. I am glad now you can follow your dream to be with him.

  3. When Jesse got out of the Navy, I never imagined how closely our life would resemble a military family with deployments and all for the years that followed. I'm very happy and excited for you! Transitioning to civilian life is harder on these guys than I ever thought. I kept saying there was life outside of the military when I wanted him to move on and get out, and we are, practically living the same life! Great pictures!

  4. Thanks! I can only imagine what this next chapter will bring! I've been waiting for so long, maybe I thought I would just be waiting forever. I am a bit nervous, but excited.