Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

I was inspired by my friend Katie to do one of these (check out her witty blog here)

1. TV shows that make me laugh OUT LOUD  : )

The Middle- a humorous look at a middle-class American family. The middle child Sue is so awkward but determined. Cracks me up every time. In the episode tonight, the parents had to duct tape the dishwasher and stuff the cracks with towels to run it (who hasn't had broken appliances you couldn't replace for awhile?)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia- I know this isn't new, but I'm only just now finding out about it. It's like a version of Seinfeld, updated. It has the guy from Horrible Bosses, with the unusual voice. Yes please. I think everything he says is funny.

2. My Smoothies

My new concoction for smoothies now is a frozen fruit mix, then I mix it with berries or whatever I have. No milk, yogurt or anything else. It feels so fresh and delicious!

The frozen fruit mix is very tasty:
3 medium bananas
1/2 cup sugar
2 cans crushed pineapple (with juice)
2 cups orange juice
2 cups ginger ale

 Mash bananas thoroughly. Add sugar and other ingredients (put in freezer).  I put in small tupperware cups so that I can take out one cup to thaw and put in blender with berries.

3. Volunteering

I finally found a volunteer opportunity that suites me well. I've tried packing food boxes, Christmas Angel, soup kitchen etc but did not feel any of them were my niche.

Helping teachers is what (I think) I'm good at!! Copying, bulletin boards, advice, resources! Plus I am a teacher, so I think like a teacher, so I try to organize things in ways that make sense to teachers! I've taken a few days off from subbing this week and am helping a new first grade teacher (started 6 weeks into school year as the school had to add another section due to large class sizes)..........I know for sure I am meant to help out any teachers I can so that they are not as stressed and can have more enjoyable days. yay.

4. British films

This is not new, but I've felt an extra urge this week to watch some of my favorites. Over the weekend I watched Bridget Jones and last week I rented The Holiday. I fast-forwarded through some of the scenes with Jack Black and Kate Winslet. I really just like the Cameron Diaz-Jude Law stuff in England. I love Jude Law in that movie--who's with me?! Adorable.

I also like Run Fat Boy Run, Wimbeldon, Love Actually, Notting Hill, About A I forgetting any? There is something about London movies that sucks me in. And New York movies. Love.

5. Personal Theme Songs

Do you remember ages ago on Ally McBeal when she had some personal theme song that would pop into her head, yadda yadda yadda, I forgot why and the rest of it but hey.

I had a personal theme song last year that I would listen to every day on the train going to work. It inspired me. It made me happy. It made me reflective. It made me want to be extraordinary.  That song lasted about a year as a sortof "favorite". Well more like a year and half, because I still play it alot.

Basically it's the closest thing to expressing my heart/soul/mind when I have no words that do it justice.

I love having a go-to song to wake me up/get me inspired/change my mood. Well I just love music. Singing, dancing in my living room, getting motivated at the gym, music while I'm on the computer.........anyway.

Do you have anything similiar to what I'm talking about? Am I crazy? (like Ally McBeal dance with ghost babies crazy?)

Here are a few that I remember from the past couple years:

Andvari by Sigur Ros for winding down, on the train after work:.......although I may have blurred my love for this song with my love for Robert Pattinson as this song was in Remember Me in a love scene. Should I admit that?
Hello by Martin Solveig & Dragonette to feel youthful : ) it's so great!

That should conclude my blog on music I love what I'm loving Wednesdays! Would love feedback on things mentioned above or things YOU'RE loving!


  1. I love my family and I love the little flutters that I'm starting to feel from inside me as my baby continues to grow. I also love blogs as they seem to bring people together over distances in a more personal way than the common social network. I'm glad you decided to create one.

  2. RE: #4. British films

    I love Bridget Jones, too. I found a copy of the book cheap someplace and even though I'd already seen the movie (usually do things the other way around) decided to read it, too, and LOVE it. So funny and "relatable" (my computer says this is not a word. Hrm). Highly recommend. Having seen the film ruined nothing. Another British film you should see if you haven't is Sliding Doors (with Gwyneth Paltrow). I don't own many movies but do this one. It's really great.

    What do I love lately... FALL! Pumpkins and ghosts and the like. Flipping through magazines containing completely unimportant drivel. Rediscovering sushi. Jeans that fit again. YOUR BLOG!


    - Sarah

  3. Thanks for reading my blogs ladies!

    Anna-how exciting it must be to anticipate the arrival of your second child. I hope you're feeling well.

    Sarah-I love Sliding Doors, great concept. Fall is my favorite season, although in AZ it still feels like summer. I bet New York would be stunning in fall.

    Thanks for the positive comments and support-I don't often know if anyone is reading my blog at all. Perhaps I'll keep it up.