Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thrift Stores

I really love a bargain.

Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill, Savers, the local op-shop, Twice as Nice, etc.............if I stumble upon one, and have the time, I will almost always stop and browse.

I can't remember when this started, but I remember being in high school and going with friends to look for jeans that we could buy and cut into cut-off shorts, and also Saturday trips to Buffalo Exchange to get cute tank tops.

As I've traveled, I have been so happy to explore England and Australia's thrift stores too, where I began to buy pictures frames and vases for the current place I was living, as well as books and other things for my classroom.

I love the idea of recycling these things, instead of tossing them in a the ever-expanding landfill. Lots of items look like they've never been used.  And there's so many things that you can buy and alter slightly to make your own.

I also feel my style is constantly evolving, so it's nice to donate items after awhile, knowing I didn't spend much money on them in the first place. And sometimes when I'm packing to move back from overseas, I have too much stuff, so I have to leave things (usually clothes) behind. I think my flatmates liked that when I moved last : )

I am hoping when I move to England, le Rey and I will do some thrift store hunting together to find furniture for our flat that we can refinish together. I also hope to find jars and mismatched vases for the flat, but that I will also use at the wedding (going for a vintage sortof feel).

Here are some past and recent treasures I found at thrift stores in Phoenix and Melbourne.

Do you have favorite thrift stores?

Can't wait to wear these! Dr. Scholl's-so comfortable and I don't think they've ever been worn! $10!
I have to buy black flats about once a year if I wear them abroad since I walk to the stations, etc so much.

these will probably wear out in 2 months when I wear them in England,
but I've already got my back-up as seen above.

love this owl necklace!

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